What Performance Pros Are Saying…

“PEAK is a masterpiece of nutritional science from one of the world's leading authorities of athletic health and performance. It's a fantastic resource that provides a roadmap to reaching true wellness.”

Dr. Rocco Monto MD |  

Orthopedic Surgeon, Team USA Physician, Author of The Fountain

“PEAK is an essential read for anyone looking to reach their potential! Dr. Bubbs has synthesized the research and practices that you can use to amplify your health and performance!”

Dr. Greg Wells PhD |  

Human Performance Expert, and Best-Selling Author of The Focus Effect 

Dr. Bubbs possesses a unique ability to ask relevant questions and identify practitioners and researchers generating the most current and effective solutions to athlete readiness.

Dr. Bubbs is a connector and PEAK is an incredibly comprehensive resource addresseing many of the variables that influence performance--conveniently in one place”

Dr. Doug Kechijan DPT |  

Physical Therapist, Performance Coach and U.S. Air Force Outstanding Airmen of the Year.

“In today’s world of human performance, it’s becoming harder and harder to blaze new trails. The models of common language and consistent service from a multitude of specialists in one of those traits, highlighted by Dr. Bubbs in his new book.

PEAK should yield excitement to achieve greater success with your own system and methods.”

Dr. Charlie Weingroff DPT |  

Physical Development Lead Men’s Canada Basketball, Consultant to Nike, Professional Athletes & Elite Performance Organizations.


To anyone who wants to enhance their performance, read PEAK and thank me later!”

Jimmy Conrad, Defender, Team USA Soccer & MLS Defender of the Year


What Strength Coaches Are Saying…

“Peak is the new must have reference for everything High Performance. Dr. Bubbs has created one of the most comprehensive texts I’ve seen and it should be a staple resource for anyone in the high performance industry.”

Bryan Marshall CSCS |  

Strength & Development Coach, Vancouver Canucks, NHL

“Peak is one of the most comprehensive and practical resources on human performance, nutrition and recovery available in print form.

Whether you are the Performance Director of a professional sports team, a coach of a youth sport club or an individual looking to improve your overall health and wellness, Peak will provide you a road map for enhancing your overall probability of success.

This well researched and clearly presented book should be in the libraries of anyone who is guiding the development of athletes and fitness enthusiasts."

Derek Hansen CSCS |  

International Performance Consultant, NFL, NBA, MLS, NCAA

“Peak is essential reading if you’re looking to maximize human performance… A phenomenal educational resource for anyone passionate about performance!”

Kyle Sammons CSCS |  

Sports Science Coordinator University of Washington, ncaa FootbalL

“If you want to better understand the numerous ways you can positively impact your athletes, this is a must-read!”

Mike Roberston MS, CSCS |  

co-owner, IFAST, named one of America’s 10 Best Gyms by Men’s Health Magazine 

“A highly informative, useful, and all-encompassing performance enhancement book I wish I had when I started coaching!”

Jorge Carvajal CSCS |  

Strength & Conditioning Coach for NFL players, Elite Military personel, and Big Wave surfers 

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“Dr. Bubbs' advice on nutrition, health and recovery for peak performance has been a game changer!”

Kevin Pangos, Point guard, Barcelona FC Basketball